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About Page for Piland 2018

Husband, father, veteran, and healthcare professional, Anthony Piland has dedicated his life to serving others and cultivating a life of integrity, sacrifice, and honor. Prior to marrying his high school sweetheart, Anthony served 6 years in the United States Air Force and worked as a [what was your role]. This experience opened his heart to his desire to serve his country. However, upon returning, he had to put his military training to the test in problem solving and facing societal challenges head on.


Anthony’s soon to be wife, Marylou, was an Italian woman from a very conservative family who was staunchly against her marrying an African American man. They faced strains on their relationship that would have broken any couple, but together, these two found the will and courage to endure. Anthony’s dedication to family values, honor, loyalty and leadership have proven true over the years, as the couple has recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary as well as the many accomplishments of their three sons, Anthony, Michael, and Mark.


Before relocating their family to Martha’s Vineyard, Anthony faced another challenge with race and societal norms. But this time, he went toe-to-toe with the justice system. Falling back on his military experience in protecting and serving his country and neighbors, Anthony apprehended a local burglar, only to find that the culprit was a Caucasian minor. From there, the police smeared the image of what would be a modern-day hero and turned him into a villain, which led to a lawsuit against the county that was inevitably defeated in court. Disillusioned by the false appearance cultural transformation as well as the lack of fairness and change in the justice system, Anthony felt the need to do something about the problem; therefore, he decided to run for Dukes County Clerk of Courts.


Turning Adversity into Civic Duty


Purified by the fires of detrimental cultural norms in America as well as the failings of the justice system, Anthony has set out to take on a new mission in public service – taking matters into his own hands to bring about the change America needs. By serving in this position, Anthony seeks to do the following:


·         change the status quo in the Dukes County judicial system

·         place an emphasis on public service and community

·         educate the public on the true nature of the justice system

·         bring a younger, fresher perspective on how to make changes for the better at the local level